Tuesday, 26 November 2013

1Citizen : Knowledge without limitation

Assalamualaikum and hello to all readers,

This is my story. Stories that will be shared with you all. I'm one of the students NDUM cadet status. Also one of the computer science majors here. Throughout my National Defence University of Malaysia set foot on earth, I have been taught by various pain of life as a student and a cadet officer. But I try to bounce back from this life and above all else with mental preparation, physical and spiritual. In academic terms I also rather not miss out on sharing knowledge with classmates, learn together seems like one big family. My field of study is very-very practical in which this study is one of the professional courses and most implemented in national development in general and ICT in particular. Until, a program known as one citizen where this is an advantage for me to practice what I have learned over the years. 1 citizen is a special training program developed by Prestariang Systems Sdn. Limited. to foster unity via an approriate use of technology. It inspires Netizen that's to Become critical thinkers understand Ethical Consequences of online behavior.

Let me introducing the element that important for us to be learn for.

First, e-Access.

What does it mean? it is about understanding the privilage of using electronic information as well as the right to having equal, secure and reliable access.

Sometimes we hear will be the lack of ICT facilities in a community group. For example, residents who live in South Africa, their lack of exposure of ICT. This of course makes them really far behind in the ICT world know travel time.

Financial constraints also become one of the factors on which information access can be a major issue for the community. They lack the funds to develop a modern infrastructure to bridge the digital divide. Consequently, the imbalance will exist in Internet access caused be two very large clusters in the present cyber world of difference.

Other than that, accessing the internet with the right attitude is important because we are trying the digital facilities that has given to us their facility. Being responsible when sharing knowledge and information, it will help you to become most respected people and that is the one way you earn respect from people around you.

a Positive attitude is essential when you are going down.

With the knowledge that we have we could help others that will have us in their mind. We share the knowledge and information together. Nevertheless, everyone has the right to enjoy the access. Use your capability to help you build others. We share, we care.

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