Tuesday, 26 November 2013

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Apart from the increasing use of IT people assume that internet is a facility that can help them in their daily lives. Therefore, I think this facility should be shared equally. How to access the internet maximizing internet usage.

The use of the world wide web desperately to help where users only need to click on the google chrome browser for example to access the Internet. We can learn through it, loved it, and may even hate it. This technology seems to be a part of ourselves.

Here we have a variety of ways to discover, learn and can do trading session without lifting the butt though! For example, we do not have an online application that's will help you in your daily need. For example, e-Datacomm, we had ebay, amazon and many more.

In addition, we do have e-government, the objective is to get the people in one’s country to get more closer to their government that lead them. They may have accessed Malaysia government portal and many more.

government provides the services that will help the community. it rather be easier if it can successfully access through the e-government. everyone is happy.

e-Learning, we can learn directly with online tutor in the internet.

Also, we can search for job by searching on Job search portal. Example, jobstreet and many more.

Futhermore, the best exaggerating is we do have social networking sites and social video sites!. These two sites provides a virtual community for people for various reason. Sharing the moments together, get to know each other or making a new friend. These is the best, indeed.

Last but not least, please trust your internet resources. The choice is yours. Integrity plays an important role in ensuring the validity of the resources that we visit on the internet. But how?

  • IF the website begins its URLs with "https", it means that the website provides a secure connection. DO NOT browse  and give your information on the website that DO NOT have "https"
  • There is a "lock" icon on the screen. This can guarantee the transaction and data provided are safe and secure.
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